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A Universal Design Approach

The Shaw Centre is committed to providing an inclusive and equal opportunity for every one of our guests.

Our Accessible Areas


  • Doorless entry to washrooms.
  • Accessible stalls and individual/family stalls located on all meeting levels.
  • Lavatories and soap dispensers are hands-free.
  • Individual/family washrooms are at least 1500 x 1600 mm and include a sink.


  • All ramps have a slope of at least 1:13 (one foot (30 cm) in height needs 13 feet (396 cm) of distance for the incline).
  • Ramps have a colour-contrasting warning strip at the top.
  • No front-of-house ramp is longer than 9 meters.


  • Refuge/rescue assistance areas are situated on each floor above and below the main level.
  • Evacuation onto the terrace at Level 3 is possible.
  • Visual alarms are located throughout the facility, including in all meeting rooms and washrooms.


  • Raised directional tiles and pavers.
  • Tactile Walking Surface Indicators(TWSI) are installed in the exterior plaza leading to the crosswalks’ entrance and the main interior lobby leading to the building directory at the elevator.
  • Tactile and braille signage is available throughout the facility to identify all rooms, including meeting rooms.


  • Steps designed without nosings.
  • Non-slip edges on steps.
  • Contrasting handrails.


  • The height of the handrails is 2.8 feet (880mm), while the upward limit in the CSA is 3 feet (920mm).


  • All entrances are accessible and contain Automatic door openers.
  • Accessible interior parking on P1 and P2, with an entrance to the Shaw Centre.


  • Guards installed under escalators, stairs, and ramps for added protection.
  • Interior routes are wide and free of obstacles.
  • Use of sound-dampening materials and panels in meeting rooms and Canada Hall.
  • Dual-height drinking fountains are located between the orb washrooms on L4 and near the Rideau Centre entrance on L2.


  • Retractable light shades are installed along the glass curtain wall on L4. Spotlighting is available in Canada Hall.
  • Projection services are available for captioning.
  • Touch panel controls located in all meeting rooms to control light, temperature, sound, etc.
  • Portable control units are available upon request.
  • Assistive Listening Systems are available.
  • Protection at ground level from the underside of the Mackenzie King Bridge stairs (guardrails/bollards).
  • Locker room benches are moveable.


  • Controls are within reach of the seat.