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Our Team

The Team Behind the Scenes

The success of all Shaw Centre events relies on our team of passionate event professionals and leaders.

Board of Directors

Headshot of Jim Armour.

Jim Armour


Headshot of Debra Armstrong.

Debra Armstrong

Board Member

Headshot of Cynthia Bland.

Cynthia Bland

Board Member

Headshot of Michael Crockatt.

Michael Crockatt

Board Member

Headshot of Yilong Ma.

Yilong Ma

Board Member

Headshot of David Muir.

David Muir

Board Member

Headshot of Jagdeep Perhar.

Jagdeep Perhar

Board Member

Stéphanie Plante

Board Member

Headshot of Fred Sherman.

Fred Sherman

Board Member

Headshot of Kay Stanley.

Kay Stanley

Board Member


Headshot of Nina Kressler.

Nina Kressler

President & CEO

Headshot of Dan Young.

Dan Young

Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Loretta Briard.

Loretta Briard

General Manager

Seán Kelly

Assistant General Manager

Headshot of Kim Brown.

Kim Brown


Headshot of Carly Grace.

Carly Grace

Director of Sales

Headshot of Josh Verch.

Josh Verch

Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Headshot of Alexandra Tanguay.

Alexandra Tanguay

Director of Events

Headshot of Amanda Young.

Amanda Young

Director of Hospitality Services

Headshot of Chef Patrick Turcot

Patrick Turcot

Executive Chef

Headshot of Blake Rainville.

Blake Rainville

Senior Manager of Facilities

Headshot of Ngozi Iloabuchi.

Ngozi Iloabuchi

Human Resource Manager

Drew McCoy

Manager of Facilities

Headshot of Karen Wiersma.

Karen Wiersma

Senior Account Manager, Convention Sales

Headshot of Matthew Blackburn.

Matthew Blackburn

Account Manager, Convention Sales

Headshot of Helen Bird.

Helen Bird

Account Manager

Headshot of Adam Hassen.

Adam Hassen

Account Manager, Local Sales

Krynn Wrigley

Account Manager, Local Sales

Headshot of Greg Giek.

Greg Giek

Events Services Manager

Headshot of Kyla Orr.

Kyla Orr

Event Services Manager

Christina Weiss

Event Services Manager

Headshot of Jawad Alami.

Jawad Alami

Event Services Manager

Headshot of Heidi Danson.

Heidi Danson

Event Services Manager

Headshot of Trisha Overvest

Trisha Richardson

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Headshot of Sharon Cholette.

Sharon Cholette

Administrative Coordinator

Headshot of Lee King.

Lee King

Finance Assistant and Ungerboeck Administrator

Headshot of Heather Lyall.

Heather Lyall

Graphic Design Coordinator

Headshot of Kaasi Muthiah.

Kaasi Muthiah

Sales Coordinator

Gabrielle Plesko

Event Services Coordinator

Monalisa Pedlar

Executive Assistant

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