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Our Commitment to Corporate, Social and Environmental Initiatives

At the Shaw Centre, we are committed to the betterment of our community.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to a healthier planet.

The Shaw Centre offers businesses, visitors, and staff an ecologically conscious space to gather. The Board of Directors are devoted to doing what is best for the planet’s future.

We are proud to confirm that the Shaw Centre was awarded a LEED Gold Certification in 2013. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is North America’s leading third-party green building rating system. A LEED certification recognizes our facility’s enhanced efficiency and low carbon emissions.

The Shaw Centre’s construction incorporated regionally manufactured or recycled materials to contribute to the local economy and mitigate emissions associated with transportation. Finishings, such as carpets, millwork, and paints, are low in volatile organic compounds.

Air is preheated in the winter as it enters the building to reduce energy costs. We installed a high-reflective roof to minimize how the “heat island” effect can increase temperatures in urban settings and impact climate and wildlife.

Our low-flow plumbing reduces water consumption and minimizes impacts on water and sewage treatment plants. A cistern system is in place to gather recycled stormwater for toilet use and irrigation.

We maintain a comprehensive waste management program with advanced collection and sorting methods. Our advanced green housekeeping and maintenance regime contributes to the healthy operation of our facility – enhancing the experience of all guests, exhibitors, and employees.

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The Shaw Centre Cares and Shares

We support our community and encourage those who gather here to join us. We maintain three flexible corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that enable our clients to have a positive impact without a demanding time commitment. We’re happy to help identify the CSR initiative best aligned with your organization’s values and objectives.

Ottawa Mission

We recover surplus foods for those in need. Surplus food at the Shaw Centre is collected and then donated to people in need in our community via the Ottawa Mission. It is our responsibility to ensure we properly donate edible food safely and sustainably. Our partnership with the Ottawa Mission allows us to support individuals within our community who need it most. Through our donations, we can quantify our overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and measure portions for future events.

Leave a Legacy

Our guests are encouraged to donate leftover goods to the local Ottawa community with volunteer assistance from Shaw Centre partners. The Leave a Legacy program is a flexible and easy way for our guests to make an impact after their event.

Our team identifies opportunities to donate anything left over, whether non-perishable food, obsolete marketing collateral, promotional items, furniture, displays, carpets, or anything else. We’ll look after all the arrangements to ensure your donations go where they matter most.

Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund

The Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund will offer a range of support mechanisms, including financial grants, mentorship programs, marketing assistance, and capacity-building workshops. These resources will enable Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities to develop and promote authentic tourism experiences that celebrate their traditions, history, and culture while generating meaningful economic opportunities.