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Show Services

Presentation Is Everything

Our in-house and carefully sourced technology, presentation, and transportation experts can help you achieve your audio, visual, or web-enabled vision for an outstanding event.

A person sets up a projector.

Provided by Encore

Information Technology and Communications Services

Technology and communications requirements at the Shaw Centre must be arranged through Encore, our exclusive provider of:

  • Internet access (wired and WiFi)
  • Telecommunications (telephone and data)
  • Local area networking and equipment within the building
  • Built-in video broadcast systems
  • Built-in projectors and screens
  • Computer rental services

For more information, call 613-688-9058 or email

A man configures a stage lighting rig.

Provided by Encore

Rigging Services

Encore’s qualified technicians and riggers oversee the installation and removal of overhead rigging equipment for specialty lighting, theatrical elements, and other show components. All rigging services, including the installation and removal of temporary event graphics or signage that is affixed to, or hung, from any hard surface at the facility, must be arranged through Encore.

For more information, call 613-688-9058 or email

An audio mixer's buttons and level sliders.

Provided by Encore

Audio-Visual, Presentation Staging, Lighting, and Simultaneous Interpretation Services

We recommend that all presentation technology requirements be arranged through Encore, our official partner with an onsite office and warehouse at the Shaw Centre. Encore provides a full range of presentation technology for Shaw Centre clients, including:

  • Audio-visual services
  • Built-in projectors and screens in each room
  • Lighting services
  • Simultaneous Interpretation services
  • Presentation staging services
  • Scenery, décor and custom room environments
  • Digital services – computers, webcasting, encoding, interactive voting systems, LAN-based presentation management

For more information, call 613-688-9058 or email

An electrician measures system voltage.

Provided by Encore

Electrical Services

Electrical service requirements must be arranged through Encore. Encore will provide safe temporary electrical services for all types of events. Certified electricians will install temporary electrical distribution equipment such as distribution panels, cables, cable mats and covers, and related equipment or products.

The Electrical Safety Authority is authorized by provincial legislation to perform electrical inspections in the Province of Ontario and at the Shaw Centre. Electrical inspections are required on all temporary electrical installations at the Centre. All electrical equipment must be approved or certified with a recognized standards label (ie: CSA monogram) before it may be used at the Shaw Centre.

For more information, call 613-688-9058 or email

An audience listens to a speaker on stage.

Provided by GES

Show Services

GES is a global, award-winning organization that provides integrated services for face-to-face marketing and brand building events including expositions, conventions, corporate events, meetings, and exhibit programs. Services include the rental, installation, and dismantling of booth and special event furnishings including hard wall panels, pipes, drapes, furniture, carpeting, and accessories. They also offer custom booth fabrication, installation and dismantling services; graphics and banners; exhibit transportation and customs clearance; advanced storage; and many other client driven requirements.

For more information, call 613-315-9690 or email

Various groups of people attending a corporate event.

Provided by GES

Material Handling

Clients, suppliers, and exhibitors who require material handling services, such as motorized or mechanized equipment, must make arrangements with GES. Any material handling that does not pose a risk of damage to the facility and does not require motorized and mechanized equipment will not require coordination with GES.

Material handling involves unloading your materials at the designated unloading zone(s), delivering the materials to your booth or designated Shaw Centre location, and returning your materials to the designated loading zone(s) for reloading onto your outbound carrier. In some cases this may include storing your empty containers during the event, returning them for repackaging, and reloading them onto your outbound carrier. Labour, licensed operators, and the appropriate equipment are needed to unload and load your carrier and move materials to your event location safely, and efficiently.

For more information, call 613-315-9690 or email

Loading Dock

The Shaw Centre loading dock is designed to accommodate events of all sizes and make your move-in and move-out straightforward and seamless.

Six Loading Bays

Four bays with adjustable hydraulic plates accommodate trucks of various heights with or without lift gates.

A fifth bay is equipped with a hydraulic lift that can be adjusted horizontally to various vehicle heights. Its split plate can also be used to accommodate vans.

Three bays can accept 53” trailers and two of those can accommodate highway cabs.

Our sixth bay is a flat area that can accept up to eight passenger vehicles.

An exhaust hose is equipped in two bays for clients renting the bay using diesel reefer trucks and/or trailers.

Electrical outlets are also available. One washroom is located on the dock.


Two passenger elevators with capacities of 56 people or 9,000lb (4,080kg) can be used for smaller freight.
Dimensions: 126” (320 cm) high, 75.5” (192 cm) wide, 153” (389 cm) deep
Door dimensions: 108” (274 cm) high, 53.5” (136 cm) wide

One small freight elevator with a capacity of 20,000lb (9,072kg).
Dimensions: 119” (302 cm) high, 168” (427 cm) wide, 160” (406 cm) deep
Door dimensions: 119” (302 cm) high, 173” (439 cm) wide

One large freight elevator with a capacity of 24,000lb (10,886 kg).
Dimensions: 119” (302 cm) high, 140” (356 cm) wide, 472” (1,199 cm) deep
Door dimensions: 119” (302 cm) high, 144” (366 cm) wide