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30 Years of Shaw Centre’s Inspired People Creating Extraordinary Events

Nina Hugging Employee

Published on March 23, 2020

Inspired people creating extraordinary events, is the vision of the Shaw Centre. Earlier this month we recognized a number of staff who have reached key milestones delivering extraordinary events at the Shaw Centre. This year, 34 individuals were recognized within five tenure groups, 5-year, 10-year, 15-years, 20-year and 30-year.

Both Bill Sanchez and Sanh Chuyen were recognized for over 30 years of service. Bill started in 1984 and has continued to provide the same level of banquet service from the day he walked through the doors of the Ottawa Congress Centre (the former name of the Shaw Centre). Over the past 30 plus years Bill has enjoyed meeting many of Ottawa’s top Politicians, including Prime Ministers, Trudeau (both Pierre and Justin), Clark and Mulroney. Bill always makes sure that all guests of the Shaw Centre are treated with the utmost service.

Sanh started start at the Shaw Centre in 1989 as a steward in the stewarding department. Sanh is an integral part of the stewarding team, ensuring that all dirty dishes are broken down properly and prepared for dishwashing. She also assists passing the dishes through the large industrial washer and looks after the cleaning of all other food services items as required. One of Sanh’s favourite moments has been meeting the former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Sanh is proud to work at the Shaw Centre and it shows in her dedication and punctuality.

*Indicates missing from photos

30 Years

Sanh Chuyen Tu & Bill Sanchez*

female holding a gift card

Long Term Service Award Group Photo
20 Years

Andrew Tolmie, Lee King, Vincenzo Gibaldi, and Michael Vorobej*

15 Years

Amanda Williams*

10 Years

Darryl McKay, Janice Nadeau, Howard Powell, Jaret Demaries, James Lachance, Paul Villeneuve, Grace Bantigue* Neris Alvarado* and Marc LaPorte*

Long Term Service Award Group Photo

eight staff receiving an award
5 years

Martin Gomez, Bob Thomas, Anna Lim, Jenna Bryson, Elaine Angus, Sylvie Charpentier, Iain Myers, Angelica LeClaire, Glen Sheasgreen, Thomas Nicholls*, Patrick Gervais*, Claudia Ayala*, Leigh Bush*, Eric Guenette*, Aladdin Daher* and Leslie Hurd*

At the Shaw Centre we’re proud to have dedicated employees who remain loyal to our company year after year. Congratulations to our staff who have reached these significant milestones.