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Shaw Centre Offers Great Support to Event Planners

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Published on March 21, 2017

It’s not hard to spot the differences between a well-planned event and one that appears to have been pulled together a little haphazardly. While both events may ultimately achieve their objectives, the one that runs smoothly and seamlessly is often more memorable, for all the right reasons. At Shaw Centre, we recognize that not everyone comes to us with event planning experience, so we are glad to offer help every step of the way as needed.

Many associations and companies do not have the budget or even the need for a dedicated meeting and event planner, which is why the task sometimes lands on the desk of someone without adequate training or experience. Alternatively, some organizations choose to hire an external event planner, but this adds to the cost of the event and also diminishes the opportunity to acquire useful skills in-house that can be applied to future planning needs.

The list of items to be considered when planning an event may at first appear quite daunting, regardless of whether your event is basic or elaborate. The elements to be considered could include invitations, budgeting, venue selection, contract negotiating, timing, food, beverages, audio-visual services, event registrations, permits, décor, entertainment, theme, security, keynote speakers, travelling arrangements, volunteer coordination, transportation and accommodations, program and more. Naturally, all of these facets need to be addressed while simultaneously accommodating your company’s vision and budget.

Clearly, it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a small, intimate Christmas party or a large convention; event planning requires a certain know-how to avoid being buried under tasks that need to be accomplished in a timely fashion. Some might turn to Google for help, but those in the know go straight to the experts. Here at Shaw Centre, we are a one-stop shop, hosting more than 500 events a year. We know a thing or two about event planning and we’re ready to help.

A dedicated Event Services Manager will be with you every step of the way, listening to your needs and suggesting ideas to make your vision come to life. Given that our organization has spent more than thirty years perfecting and mastering the art of meeting and event production, we’ve forged relationships with local vendors and suppliers that you can leverage.

Similarly, we’re experts at solving issues that often arise when planning an event. As a team, we focus on truly getting to know our customers and their brand so we can assist you in delivering your vision and messages to all attendees. With all the knowledge, experience and resources needed to help you design and implement your event, when you’re dealing with Shaw Centre, you can have confidence that you are working with a team of dedicated professionals who are industry experts. Best of all, we never offer ‘cookie cutter solutions’. Instead, we enjoying helping to customize, design and direct every detail of your events with you, ensuring success. We’re realists, too, so we’ll also help you develop contingency plans to be ready for any unforeseen circumstance.

To help make your event as memorable as possible, one of the things we can do is to work with you to develop a customized menu. Executive Chef Morden and his team excel when it comes to creativity; for example, they have crafted a fully vegetarian menu for a Humane Society function, and for a Gala entitled A Chocolate Affair, chocolate was incorporated into every dish. Similarly, we are proud to have Freeman as our in-house partners for audio-visual, rigging, electrical, material handling and more. They know our facility inside and out and can suggest set ups that have worked well for other events in the past. Better yet, they work on-site, so should you need immediate assistance, they are just a few steps away.

You can rest assured that at Shaw Centre our support will go beyond helping you plan your event; it always extends to hands-on support during your event. Floor managers and servers will be at your service to make sure your event is going smoothly and will put their knowledge at your service to help you anticipate your guests’ needs. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro at event planning, we’ll help make your organization shine.