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Shaw Centre to Play Key Role in 2017 Celebrations

Shaw Centre Fireworks Landscape

Published on January 4, 2017

Both national and international spotlights will be on the entire Ottawa region next year when our country celebrates its 150th birthday. As Canada’s meeting place, Shaw Centre will play an important role in many of the 2017 festivities. While we are always grateful for our partnerships with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Tourism, we also enjoy important relationships with other vital organizations including Invest Ottawa, the Ottawa Airport Authority, the Ottawa Gatineau Hotel Association and numerous other industry partners.

In 2017, the synergy that comes from working closely with so many key players in the nation’s capital will be vital to ensure we can help visitors from across the country and around the world see Ottawa in the best possible light.

With our partners, we share a common goal which is to showcase our region as a vibrant, exciting place to visit. Some of the key aspects that we collectively work to promote include not only Ottawa’s position as the nation’s capital but also the fact that it is a warm, safe, welcoming city that is a four-season playground with abundant recreation opportunities in and around the downtown core. Our bilingualism is a drawing card for many, as is our diversity, with one in six residents a visible minority. In recent surveys, Ottawa has been rated as the third cleanest city in the world, offering the second highest quality of life in North America. With a strong base of federal government workers and a highly educated population, Ottawa is also economically stable. Last but not least, the region’s many festivals, museums and other sightseeing opportunities serve to make it a very appealing destination.

In recent years, Ottawa has enhanced its appeal by executing a number of key improvements to its infrastructure. Among these are the addition of parks, cycling projects, bus routes, sidewalks, not to mention a revitalized airport and the emergence of a culinary scene now considered by many to be among the best in Canada. On top of this, hotel rooms have been added in the downtown core area, and our public transportation network is being further enhanced with the development of our LRT system. Visitors both new and returning are sure to be impressed by the many positive changes happening in Ottawa.

For 2017,  the city, the NCC and various industry participants are planning big signature events to animate the entire region and position Ottawa as the place to be for Canada’s 150th birthday. Activities such as the Sky Lounge, NYE celebration, Red Bull Crashed Ice, La Machine, an underground multimedia experience, the picnic on the bridge and the Canadian Videogame awards are just a few of the special opportunities for the public to participate in our celebratory year. As these and other events unfold, Shaw Centre will be ready to help welcome more visitors than ever, while sharing our knowledge and expertise with our colleagues across the city. We are proud to be a part of the team that is working towards reinvigorating Ottawa’s image and delivering on ever-growing expectations. 2017 will be a great opportunity for us to help the city shine.