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She Said Yes! Shaw Centre Orchestrates Proposal in Trillium Ballroom

Published on December 15, 2022

When Lucas Pellegroms reached out to us with a request for proposal, it wasn’t the regular sales request we’re used to receiving.

Lucas planned to get down on one knee and pop the question to the love of his life and needed our help to coordinate the details, and because we love a good love story, we absolutely accepted his request and had to be involved in the planning.

After making their relationship official on January 15, 2016, during the Carleton Winter Formal in the Trillium Ballroom, Lucas wanted to ask Victoria, his now-fiancée, to take their relationship to the next level in the exact same location.

Last night went phenomenally. She had no idea and was totally surprised. It went even better than I could have hoped. She thought I was just being cute and reminiscing about our past and where we first became “official.” Once we got upstairs and recreated a selfie by the window (what she thought I wanted to go up for), she was really worried that we weren’t supposed to be there and thought we were going to get in trouble and wanted us to leave before someone came up. Finally, I got us to the picture-perfect location for the proposal. I had a romantic speech all planned out, but as I was trying to tell it to her, she was trying to get us to leave before security came, so I had to hug her to keep us in that spot while also trying to give my speech. She remained undeterred in wanting to leave before we got in trouble, and to get her to stop trying to pull us away, I went down to a knee to continue my speech, and as soon as I did, her eyes lit up, and her jaw dropped instantly. She was so surprised and did not expect it in the slightest, and it was honestly perfect! The way the room was set up was also almost the exact setup they had at the Carleton winter formal, which added to the nostalgia. Again, I cannot thank you enough for helping make such a magical moment possible! I cannot stress how thankful we were for your help last night.

Lucas Pellegroms

A man and woman clink their wine glasses.
A woman wearing an engagement ring embraces her fiancé.

To Lucas and Victoria, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. We were so excited to be a part of this special moment in your lives and that the Shaw Centre is the landmark of your special love story!