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The Transformative Impact of International Conferences at the Shaw Centre

Published on August 25, 2023

In the heart of downtown Ottawa stands a hub of knowledge exchange, innovation, and networking - the Shaw Centre.

In the heart of downtown Ottawa stands a hub of knowledge exchange, innovation, and networking – the Shaw Centre. Far more than just a convention facility, the Shaw Centre plays a pivotal role in shaping economic landscapes, fostering industry growth, and driving local prosperity. Over the past couple months, we welcomed six international conferences to the world’s best convention centre, many meeting for the first time since the pandemic. This blog dives into the benefits these international events provide, as well as the specific details of the conferences, shedding light on these events’ dynamic and far-reaching effects on both the local and global scale.

Global Knowledge Exchange

 One of the most significant contributions of international conferences at the Shaw Centre is the facilitation of global knowledge exchange. These events bring together thought leaders, experts, researchers, and professionals from diverse fields, offering a unique opportunity to share insights, experiences, and discoveries. As participants engage in discussions, presentations, and workshops, ideas flow freely, leading to the cross-pollination of concepts that might otherwise remain isolated within specific disciplines. This intellectual fusion has the potential to spark ground-breaking innovations, advance research frontiers, and generate solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Deaf Blind Conference Speaker on Stage

Networking and Business Development

Conferences are renowned for fostering meaningful connections and collaborations. Attendees can network with peers, potential clients, partners, and investors. These interactions can lead to new business ventures and partnerships all contributing to economic growth. The Shaw Centre’s modern facilities and professional atmosphere provide an ideal setting for networking, enabling attendees to leverage these opportunities to their advantage.

People talking in a circle in Trillium Ballroom

Synopsis of International Conferences


Society for the Study of Reproduction 2023 Annual Meeting

July 11th– 14th

 The Society for the Study of Reproduction, a non-profit organization with a reproductive biologist member base, hosted its 56th annual conference at the Shaw Centre. The conference’s purpose was for members to share their passion, knowledge, and research and to gain recognition for their work. The event welcomed around 850 scientists, professors, and physicians conducting research in the field of reproduction.


64th ISI World Statistics Congress

July 16th – 20th

The International Statistical Institute has organized this biennial event in various global destinations since 1887. The ISI World Statistics Congress brought together members of seven associations for networking, awards, talks, and social events. 1,300 statisticians and data scientists traveled from international and domestic locations to attend the event.


Deafblind World Congress 2023

July 22nd – 28th

 The Deafblind World Congress is organized by Deafblind International at a global destination every fourth year. 2023 marked the 18th world congress, which the Deafblind Network of Ontario hosted. 500 Senior leaders and agency front-line workers from 26 countries worldwide that serve the deaf-blind communities met in Ottawa to share knowledge, best practices, and challenges about topics relating to deafblindness. 22% of the delegates were blind, deaf, or deafblind. Many delegates had a support worker or support team accompanying them, including eight service dogs on site.


International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions

July 25th to August 1st

 The International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions took place in person for the first time since the pandemic. This is the 33rd conference which brought together 400 scientists and researchers from all over the world whose research is focused on atoms, molecules, ultracold matter, and similar fields.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Sections Congress 2023 (IEEE)

Enabling Leaders to Build a Sustainable Future

August 11th to August 13th

 This triennial flagship event, hosted by MGA, brought together 1,200 volunteer leaders from 60 countries to share ideas and learn about the products and programs IEEE offers to members in their local areas. IEEE Sections Congress occurred for the first time in person since 2017.

With an estimated economic impact of over 4 million dollars, delegates enjoyed staying in hotels, eating and shopping in the ByWard Market, taking tours of the Senate of Canada, enjoying the fireworks from Les Grands Feux du Casino Lac-Leamy and so much more!


International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD)

August 21st to 25th

The 28th IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks is jointly hosted this year between Carleton University, Virginia Tech, and the National Research Council Canada. This is IAVSD’s first in-person event in four years. This summit assembles 300 engineers, researchers, and scientists from across the globe to share breakthroughs and developments in ground vehicle dynamics.