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8th Annual Cyber Future Summit 2023

8th Annual Cyber Future Summit 2023

DATE: Sept 17th 4PM - Sept 19th 5PM

PRICE: 0-$895

The Cyber Future Summit is a unique event that gathers global thinkers, executive leaders and action-oriented practitioners focusing on building a collaborative and trusted global platform for cyber.

The Summit is organized by Cyber Future Foundation, the world’s leading global cybersecurity executive leadership platform, in an interactive and leadership exercise format, where leaders, thinkers, and futurists discuss and develop actionable guidance and frameworks toward an annual action plan executed by the Foundation through its plan year.

After several successful years being hosted in the United States, for the first time, Cyber Future Summit will be hosted by the nation’s capital of Canada! Ottawa is a great amalgamation of the various members of the ecosystem Cyber Future Foundation brings together and presents immense potential for Canada’s cybersecurity sector and impact in the economy as well as national security.

This year’s summit reflects the emphasis on national and inernational partnerships for cybersecurity articulated in the Cybersecurity Strategy of United States and aptly highlights this through the mission of ‘Partnerships for Progress’.

Summit Website: (refreshed weekly, Sundays)

Highlights for the summit this year

  • Cyber Futurist Award for the C-Suite/Board,
  • Policy Jam for Cyber Peace and Policy Development,
  • Innovation Pitch Fest

This year we will have a two day program with a kick off preview of executive meetings over the weekend on the 17th September, followed by session themes across Ideas, Action, and Impact, building up from brainstorming to concrete plans for action and impact.