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The 27th Annual Travel and Vacation Show

The 27th Annual Travel and Vacation Show

DATE: April 6th (10AM - 5PM) - April 7th (10AM - 4PM), 2024

PRICE: $10

Gain first-hand knowledge from representatives of tour companies, tourist boards, resorts, cruise lines and adventure vacation destinations. They are there, eager to answer your questions, giving better and more personal information than any research one can do on the internet.

Information about immersing oneself in the cultures of Europe, basking in the sun on a tropical beach, experiencing an “outbound” adventure in Asia, or going on a safari in Africa, it is all there – under one roof. For cruise lovers, most of the cruise lines are represented.

Find special vacations, from weekend getaways to trips to exciting overseas destinations. In a few hours you can walk around the world!