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Hide & Pride.

Photo of Hide and Pride Artwork

In the centre is a stretched piece of leather showing one step in hide tanning; a process that I learned with A7G. Between each sinew is an image of teachings/cause/memories that I carry within my heart very closely.
Sweetgrass representing the medicines.
Blueberries that my mom would bring to me for a snack at random times,
A red ribbon skirt as a tribute to MMIWG2S,
A flower representing my middle name Indaya a dene word for beautiful/blossoming flower.
A thunderbird representing my clan and the symbol on for my reservation’s band on manitoulin island.
Birch bark in a heart representing my love for the land.
An orange shirt for the survivors of the Indian residential/day schools, including my parents.
A flame representing the 7th fire prophecy.
A glass of water showcasing that water is life and how it should be accessible and clean for everyone.
A turtle shell representing the Anishinabeg creation story.
Land Back w/ a Mountain outline representing my roots back in BC.
A star showcasing the teaching we are star people.