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The Board and Management of the Ottawa Convention Centre are committed to improving the environmental impact of their events and operations in the new facility scheduled to open in the spring of 2011. The new building will achieve substantially better performance in energy efficiency, conservation and waste reduction, indoor air quality and water efficiency than is currently available in the existing facility.

Materials that are regionally manufactured or recycled will be used in the construction, which will contribute to the local economy but also avoid pollution associated with transportation. The finishing products such as carpets, millwork, and paints will be low in volatile compounds, and in the summer, air will be pre-cooled as it enters the building, and pre-heated in the winter.

“Our neighbours to the north at the Ottawa Convention Centre are ahead of the curve in terms of their leadership in environmental issues,” said Jack Sammis, President & CEO of CGA. “Ottawa will be setting the bar, and at the same time, a great example in their commitment to a comprehensive environmental program in the new centre.”

The CGA strongly endorses the environmental planning that has been integral to the redevelopment project. For example, the OCC intends to implement a complete waste management system, replete with advanced collection and sorting plans. Another feature is an advanced green housekeeping and maintenance regime that will ensure that the building continues to operate in a healthy and environmentally friendly way for all visitors, staff and exhibitors.

“We are delighted to become the first Canadian Founding Industry Member of the CGA,” said Pat Kelly, President of the OCC. “As a member, we are joining other leading destination and multi-national hotel chains in shaping the future of green meetings while people gather to exchange ideas. The OCC has always had an interest in environmental leadership and we are proud to continue this commitment in the new facility.”

The members of the CGA, based in Arlington, Virginia, intend to leverage their combined influence to encourage the hospitality industry to minimize its environmental footprint throughout the world. The Ottawa Convention Centre fully supports the mandate of the CGA.