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construction of ottawa convention centre windows

OTTAWA — Canada’s largest curved glass wall is about to go up at the new Ottawa Convention Centre, set to open on schedule next April.  The wall facing Colonel By Drive will feature 1,045 triangular glass sheets, each a different size in order to allow for curvature horizontally and vertically.

The glass panels are to be intricately placed in each section of a complex crystalline-shaped steel structure, and ultimately, will form the outer skin of the new building, measuring 30 metres high and 90 metres long.  The glass panels will allow for breathtaking views of the Parliament Buildings, the Rideau Canal and Ottawa’s downtown core while allowing passersby to view the dynamic experience inside the new convention centre.
“You can see the emergence of an iconic landmark for the City of Ottawa, and indeed, for all of Canada,” said Patrick Kelly, President, Ottawa Convention Centre. “As each day passes until October, the building will continue to be sealed up in glass, piece by piece. We couldn’t have built this facility five years ago.  The technology just didn’t exist.”

close-up of construction of ottawa convention centre windows