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Shaw Centre’s World-Class Food Donations Boost Morale for Clients

Written by: Ottawa Mission, October 4th, 2021

The Shaw Centre in Ottawa was recently honoured with the international APEX award for the World’s Best Convention Centre. Located downtown on the Rideau Canal, the beautiful facility hosts a wide variety of conferences and events. A world-class centre requires world-class meals, and Executive Chef Patrick Turcot does not disappoint.

Although things have looked very different during the pandemic, the Shaw Centre adapted to serve their clients while still remembering the less fortunate in our community. Every month, they donate food to our shelter — everything from egg rolls and samosas to cinnamon buns and smoked meat brisket.

“We’re happy to help those in need in our community by providing diverse and quality meals,” says Chef Patrick. “Knowing the food isn’t going to waste but is going to those who need it makes us feel good at the end of the day.”

In the past few months, the donations have been a huge help in feeding the shelter guests and community clients who turn to us for meals. We always aim to provide quality meals to our clients, and the fresh, local contributions from Chef Patrick and his team are a huge help.

Recent donations of waffles, sausages, turkey bacon were used in the daily breakfasts, and a donation of vegetarian mini burgers provided a delicious vegetarian option for a lunch entrée. Donated bread was used to make toast and sandwiches, and a large donation of salad dressing meant that we didn’t have to buy any for several weeks.

With so many more people turning to us for meals during the pandemic, the Shaw Centre’s donations make a significant difference. Currently, between our community meal program and Mobile Mission Meals food truck, we serve over 2,000 meals a day. “They have been a big help in meeting the increased demand we have had of late,” confirms Chef Percy Belford, the Manager of Kitchen Services at The Mission. “These donations have been a real morale booster for our clients. It’s great to see the smile on their faces when they see something special on the plate.”

One of the favourite recurring donations among clients are the cookies and squares, which are always a big hit for dessert. Each special treat or unexpected menu item offers our guests something to look forward to during a challenging time.

We’re so grateful at The Mission to have neighbours like the Shaw Centre just a few blocks away. They’re leaders in their industry, and their generosity is making our city a better place for everybody.