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It is vital that everyone receives a warm welcome from the moment they arrive, and OCC has found an innovative way to do just that.

Unique among convention centres is the new OCC Page service. “Customers are looking for personal attention whether they are checking into a hotel or arriving at a convention centre.” said OCC president, Pat Kelly. “The OCC Page underlines our passion for customer service excellence, and delivers it in a very unique way.”

The Page helps direct guests throughout the Centre and surrounding areas, runs errands, greets groups and is basically at the beck and call of all visitors to the OCC. Immediately recognizable by their jaunty pillbox cap, plus fours and crazy coloured socks, what really makes the Page stand out in a crowd is their mode of transport – a Segway!

While entertaining, the Segway is also a practical solution to getting around a 400,000 square foot building in a hurry. “The Segway allows me to take care of our guests’ needs efficiently.” said Charles Bertrand one of the OCC Pages. “It is a lot of fun to drive and, just like my socks, it is quite an attention getter! I get a lot of requests for photos, too.” he added.

The international response to the new OCC has been extremely encouraging; over 10 international conventions have confirmed space since opening. “As Canada’s Meeting Place, it is critical that we welcome the world to Ottawa, our capital, not just figuratively, but literally as well.” said Pat Kelly “In our first year of operation we anticipate over a quarter of a million people will attend events at OCC; that’s a lot of welcoming and greeting. The OCC Pages are up to the task and will add a layer of personalized service that sets OCC apart – and they’ll do it in style!”

The Page service will launch today.

The OCC, known as ‘Canada’s Meeting Place’, opened on schedule in April 2011.

The Ottawa Convention Centre is an agency of the government of Ontario.