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Pine & Prompts.

Painting of Tree with Gold Background

In the centre of a golden backdrop is a pine tree. Simply painted like I did in my youth with the pine trees back home on Manitoulin Island. This painted was created when writing a journal prompt about a core memory during my childhood. My first thought went to hearing about the creation story during a camping trip with my mom and community, and the following poem about the story from Sky Woman’s perspective:


The light called to me, it was a voice by the roots.

There was no need for persuasion to pursue since I had my curiosity.

So I dug, bit by bit.

The roots seemed to go on forever until it didn’t.

Like my mind I started to slip.

The air was different.

I could feel it surround me, and hear it as clear as the beating heart in my chest.

I thought there was nothing left.

So I closed my eyes and prayed a prayer.

Then I felt a grip on my shoulders and a love so rare.

I opened my eyes and thanked my creator.

They laughed and said that they knew I would windup here.

“Sky woman please don’t be scared!”

“I am not!”

I pleaded but they could read my mind.

“Sky woman you are allowed to follow your instincts and seek after answers you wish to find.”

I started to tear.

I cried and cried and filled up the ocean.

“Sky woman please know that I am not mad-

I simply wasn’t ready to give you my gift! 

Nothing that I cannot fix!

Eagle! Turtle! My water friends! 

Here are my instructions.

This is where life begins!”